How long does it take to set up an account? Orders are usually set up within 24-48 hours. We manually check all new clients through fraud check.

Are the ip addresses provided to me by consecutive? assigns different Class C ip's for all hosting packages.

How easy is it to upgrade my current hosting plan? Dedicated IP upgrades and downgrades cab be done on-the-fly up to 50 IPs per server. Upgrades that exceed 50 IPs per server take longer. Shared IP upgrades can be completed within a couple of hours.

Are the class C IPs dedicated or shared? That depends on the package you purchase, we have both shared and dedicated packages to fit any budget.

What if I need more IPs? Additional IPs may be requested via your sales account representative or online portal.

Does each class C comes with its own rdns records? Yes, each class C IP comes with its own rdns record, though we DO NOT ALLOW bulk email sending on our network). We also provide upgraded Geo Located IP blocks for Local Search and Geographic Search.

Will provide backups for me? YES! We run daily disaster recovery backups of our Shared IP plans and our Dedicated IP plans ( which includes shared cPanel hosting and VPS hosting ).

What is SEO hosting? SEO hosting allows you to host all your websites from one server/location BUT on different/unique class C IPs. By doing this, search engines see all your sites as unique, which creates linking and drives authority for your web sites.

Does do SEO? We have full time SEO's on staff that are known in the industry and have been published in multiple trade publications for SEO related topics, however, we do not directly provide SEO consulting services.

How does SEO hosting helps ranking? SEO webmasters are using a multiple ip hosting solution to help their targeted website back linking strategy. Creating content related micro websites on different Class C IPs and linking to their target website.

Why do I need to host with SEOIP? Why can't I use a standard hosting company for SEO hosting? You need to own large IP blocks to offer SEO hosting and it is difficult or impossible for standard hosting companies to manage and route all IP blocks to a single hosting location.

What is a Dedicated Server? A Dedicated SEO server is a server with multiple IP addresses from discrete Class C networks where those IP addresses are not shared with other customers.

What are your support department hours? We support more than 10,000 customers in 90 countries around the world. Our support technicians work around the clock, 24/7/365!

Do you outsource your support? Absolutely not! All of our support engineers are trained by and work directly for our company.

Do you monitor customer servers? If you are a shared IP customer, we monitor all critical services including HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, SMTP, MYSQL, POP, IMAP and ICMP. If you are a dedicated IP customer, we do not monitor the services within your dedicated environment, however, we do monitor the parent node.

Are your servers fully managed? We provide support for the network, the hardware, the Linux environment, cPanel and all critical services that we deploy for you. We do not support your code or your web sites or custom applications and software that you deploy.

Which operation systems does support? currently supports the Linux operating system. We recommend CentOS with the cPanel/WHM addon control panel.

How long does it take for my support ticket to be responded to? prides ourselves on giving you world class support . Tickets are responded to within 15 minutes on average.

How long does it take for my updated nameservers to change world wide? You can expect to see your nameserver DNS changes within 24-48 hours once you have made the modifications at your registrar.